Work experience



Webmaster for excisting website, setting up graphics and text for print and creating company newsletter



Freelance consulenting, technical problem solving on the companys website.



Consulting in the field of communication and social media in connection to a new documentary produced by the independent documentary team ROAD DOX. Also building the film website for the newest release of the documentary True Family


TLA Media

As my final internship at KEA I spend 2 months at TLA Media developing a affiliate site.


Zeitgeist Film

Consulting Zeitgeist Film, in the use of social media for movie producers, with focus on crowdfunding and crowdsourcing. In addition I created the companys digital identity set up a blog and a wordpress website to represent the company online


Personal helper for disabled people.


Denmark; Photography & Web design; Freelance.


Mexico; Photography & Web design; Freelance.


Managed an internet cafe in Sayulita, Mexico.


Teaching Photoshop and the basic use of PC computers for beginners.


In the years of my artistic career I have also had to support my self in other ways. The list of alternative job I have had counts the following.

  • Traveled to New Zealand and South America with a disabled guy in a wheelchair
  • Cooked food in a restaurant
  • Thought English in Quito, Ecuador
  • Sold ice cream and made waffle cones in Sidney, Australia
  • Worked at a hospital
  • Sold newspapers via telemarketing

Educational background

IT Skills

I am trained in developing concepts for digital platforms with special focus on communication, branding, mobile applications and the use of social media.

I have worked with a number of different CMS systems counting Wordpress and Joomla.

I have a great deal of experience with following programs from the Adobe CS5 suite:
Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Dreamweaver, Flash & Bridge.

I have know the following coding languages:
XHTML, CSS3, PHP, XML, ActionScrips 2.0.

I have done video editing with:
FinalCut pro & Premier Pro.

I can use the Microsoft PC platform as well as Mac computers.


I am fuent in danish, english and spanish and can get by in german.

Courses followed


E-Concept development at KEA Copenhagen.

Attending the international class.
E-concept development, digital strategies, communication and marketing.
Learn more about the E-concept development course


Final Cut Pro
Three day intensive course in the use of Final Cut Pro.


Thomas Mai seminar at the Danish Film School
Two day seminar on the use of social media for movie producers and independend film makers.


Multimedia Design and Communication at KEA Copenhagen.
Attending the international class.
On the two year course students are though in the four fields Visualization, Organization, Communication & Interaction
Work is revolved around assignments solved in groups.

Lecture subjects
Marketing, Branding, Concept development, Organization, Management, Visualization, Design rules, Typography, Color theory, Design manual, User testing, Prototype development, Dramaturgy, Interaction, Scripting languages, Communication plan, Teamwork, SCRUM, Presentations.
Learn more about MMD at KEA


Web-integrator course at KTS
Gained deeper knowledge in using programs such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, flash for producing websites also using HTML, CSS, PHP and Java script coding.


Digital editing course at KTS
Learned to use Final Cut pro for movie editing and color grading.


Digital Photography course at KTS
Worked with digital photography in the field and the studio, working on skills in setting up light.


Digital Photography course at KTS
Worked with digital photography in the field and the studio, working on Photoshop skills.


Analogue Photography course at KTS
Worked on shooting techniques, developed film and copied pictures in the darkroom.


Worked on photographic projects, at OTS
Gained great knowledge in photo editing with Photoshop.
Printing and plotting experience.
Learned basic web-design using GoLive, made a web-site.


Visual communication and Technology foundation course at OTS
Got familiar with working with the Adobe programs and organizing graphic work flow on a computer.


HF student from Odense Katedral Skole.