About Linda Moes

Born the 16th of Febuary 1978

I was born and raised on the Danish island Fyn

At the age of 20 I left my safe island to see what the world outside of Denmark had to offer.

I traveled around the world, visited and lived on 6 of the 7 continents. I lived as a bohemian, attending the school of life, this thaught me to communicate with people from all levels of society.

During my travels I discovered a passion for photography and for many years I always had my camera with me as my closest companion and eye to the world. I realized that I could support myself by selling my pictures and doing design.

Eager to broaden my skills in visual communication I signed up for a course at the technical academy in Odense where I stated my training in Graphic design, Photography and Webdesign.

I then spend 6 years shifting between traveling and being home taking courses at the technical academy, where I got practical experience in planning design and the Adobe workflow.

In 2009 I decited to stay in Denmark for good and finish a degree in Multimedia design and communicaiton following a bachelor in e-concept development at KEA school of design.

At KEA I got to work in groups and developed my skills as a group leader and projectmanager. I am a team player and a talented organizer, and I enjoy the knowledge sharing and team spirit that comes into play when a group of creatives are presented with an assignment that has to be solved via close teamwork.

I am a good teacher and good at learning new skills

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